Holiday Meals - Thanksgiving

Thanksgiving is probably the biggest holiday that has an association with food.  The first thing people think of when the holiday is mentioned is the big meal that is involved.  Many different cultures have very different ideas of what this meal consists of, but there is one traditional American way of preparing the big Thanksgiving dinner. 

The main course of almost every Thanksgiving dinner in the country is a great big turkey.  Most people will prepare the bird either in the oven or something similar roasting it throughout the day.  Stuffing is the perfect compliment to any turkey and is either cooked stuffed inside of the turkey or it can also be made separately.  People use many different variations of roasting the turkey using different types of spices, etc. to flavor the bird in a way that is pleasing to their particular family.

For vegetables, a popular choice for Thanksgiving is green bean casserole.  This dish is often seen decorating the table on Thanksgiving afternoon.  This dish is made simply of green beans baked with French onions sprinkled over the top.  Some people also use cream of mushroom soup in this dish.

Another common occurrence at the table is cranberry sauce.  This red sauce can be found in several different forms.  There is cranberry sauce that you can buy in a can which can be served either in slices or allow everyone to scoop what they want.  Other people choose to make a cranberry mold which can be served with whipped cream on top.  Some people choose to garnish the table with whole cranberries as well. 

And you just canít have Thanksgiving dinner without the pies, especially the pumpkin pie.  Pumpkin pie is as big a part of the Thanksgiving feast as the turkey is.  One can eat this pie either by itself or covered in whipped cream.

And don't forget one of the best parts about Thanksgiving, enjoying leftover turkey for the week or so after the holiday is over.