Sunday, June 28, 2009

Announcing the Hot Pepper Search Engine

Ever since I can remember I have loved hot foods, especially chili and hot peppers. I think one passion lead to the other. I started growing peppers last year and this year am growing 3 different kinds (more on that later) in pots and in a garden.

I spend a fair amount of time researching things related to hot peppers - growing tips, storage instructions, recipes for hot peppers, how to over winter pepper plants, lights to use for growing peppers indoors, etc. I decided to create a custom hot pepper search engine to bookmark all of the pages and sites related to hot peppers that I find useful. There's so much junk out there it really helps to have a search tool that only looks in places I've had a chance to screen in advance.

If you need something related to hot peppers give my hot pepper search engine a try.


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