Monday, September 26, 2005

Second Grade Thanksgiving Art Projects

I have a brother who's in second grade this year. They are getting ready to start working on their Thanksgiving art projects in the nect couple of weeks. While I'm not much for breaking out the scissors and glue, I can make up for it by posting some info & links about ideas for a second grade Thanksgiving art projects.

Here are a couple links to pages I came across that have information about Thanksgiving art projects:

Here's an idea I found laying around the house from back in the day when I was still a kid and in school. I stil remeber actually making this when I was a kid. Although I found the instructions, my coffee filter turkey is long gone...

Coffee Filter Turkeys

Materials: coffee filter per child, markers, paper plate per child, spray bottle of water, body of a turkey.

Instructions: Give each student a coffee filter and a paper plate. Students use their markers to color the coffee filter. They can make patterns with their markers or scribble on the filter. I suggest that they color their filter on their paper plate.

When colored spray the coffee filter (which has been placed on the paper plate) with water. The colors should begin to run creating a mixture of colors. Let dry. I usually let them dry overnight. Create a body of a turkey and place it in front of the coffee filter (which serves as the feathers). Hang for others to enjoy.

Here are some pictures of what coffee filter turkeys can look like.


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