Tuesday, September 06, 2005

Britain Sends Help for Katrina Victims

Britain is sending 50,000 military ration packs to Louisiana for the Hurricane Katrina relief effort. The packs, filled with boil-in-the-bag entrees and desserts such as rice pudding, will be airlifted to the disaster zone over the next few days.

The ration pack, which is standard issue for the British Armed Forces on operations, includes a boil-in-the-bag breakfast and main meal as well as pudding, snacks, cookies, sweets, coffee and tea and tissues. The pack contains a mini-stove and matches to heat up meals and drinks.

While not exactly the best tasting meal you'll ever have, when you're hungry it gets the job done. I went on a 7 day "survival" trip in a canoe a few years ago and we lived off military rations for the entire trip.

If you would like to make a donation to help the victim's of Katrina visit the Red Cross's website for more information.


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