Wednesday, August 31, 2005

Food Blog looking for writers

In my search for new blogs today I came across a post, Food Blog looking for writers. It's from the start of August but doesn't list a closing date so I figured I'd spread the word.

Here's a clip:

"Start-up food blog (part of one of the largest blog networks, with substantial built-in advertising and traffic) is looking for lead writers.

Qualified candidates will have some experience either writing about food or
working in the gourmet industry. We're looking for writers who can commit to daily +/- half-time blog writing, and also contribute weekly features. You should be well-versed in all aspects of culinary culture - restaurants, magazines, critics, etc - and you must be versatile enough to cover the entire food spectrum, from Nobu to Nestle's Crunch. You must have EXCELLENT editorial skills, a sense of style and, above all, a sense of humor. Contacts in the New York or San Francisco food scene is a huge plus. "


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