Monday, August 15, 2005

17.7Lbs of Cow Brains in 15 Minutes

Competitive eating at it's best. Check out some of these records for eating:

Takeru Kobayashi - 17.7 pounds of cow brains in 15 minutes. (that is just plain sick)

Jed Donahue - 152 jalapenos in 15 minutes. (I can feel the burning now!)

Bill Simmons - 137 chicken wings in 30 minutes. (not as bad as the first two...)

Eric Booker - 15 burritos in eight minutes. (then spent 2 days in the bathroom)

Eric Booker - 38 hard-boiled eggs in 10 minutes. (then spent two more days in the bathroom)

"Crazy Legs Conti" - 168 oysters in 10 minutes. (no comment...oysters are pretty sick)

Don Lerman - 7 quarter-pound sticks of butter in five minutes. ("why?", would be my first question)

Oleg Zhornitskiy - four 32-oz jars of mayonnaise in eight minutes. (gross!!)

Obviously I am not cut out for any type of competitive eating. I will stick to eating when I'm hungry:-)


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