Saturday, May 28, 2005

Cooking Tip, Give Chicken Flavor

When cooking chicken it's always a good idea to wash the chicken thoroughly with cold water. After washing the chicken pat/dry it lightly with a paper towel or napkin.

Next, brush the chicken (all the way around) with a "light" olive oil. Olive oil helps keep skin drying to a minimum. It also helps keep the dry rub (seasoning) adhered to the chicken while it's cooking.

After you have the chicken lightly coated with olive oil it's time to put on the dry rub (or other seasoning of your choice). If the chicken you are preparing still has the skin, where ever possible without tearing the skin, slide your fingers (covered in seasoning of course) under the skin to apply the rub/seasoning directly to the chicken. If you prefer, you can also add barbecue sauce to the chicken at this point prior to placing it on the grill.


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